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The face behind the business

About your photographer

I am your photographer! Rebecca. 

I am 27 years old, lived in Newcastle most of my life so I know the area very well! I have lived in America and Australia for short periods of time working with children. After graduating I became a proud mum to a little girl who is now 3 years old and full of mischief! 

When I became a mum it opened a whole new world for me! I never knew the rollercoaster of emotions, challenges and amazing moments that lay ahead of me. I had just moved back from Australia, no career and no plan! So I spent most of my days taking Penny to baby groups all over the coastal area and meeting mum friends. I also joined instagram where I met a social network of mums that inspired my first business "A' la mode kids" a childrens clothing business I ran as a hobby from home. 

I also helped out as a spotter for children photography shoots, I visited and planned many playgroup photo shoots for mums in North Tyneside and South. 

Once Penny started school, I came up with Penny Elizabeth photography and became my own working boss. I now work my own hours and turned around an amazing little Summer house which was being used as storage for years into a running, comfortable relaxing studio. 


I am very excited to be on this journey and looking forward to seeing where it goes!  

Thanks for reading and I hope we meet soon!


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26B Beverley Terrace,
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE30 4NT


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