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Frequently Asked questions...

When should I book my shoot? 

You should always try and book your shoot in advance to get the date you would like. When I am busy, there can be quite the waiting time. You are best booking your photo shoot a couple of months in advance.  Look out for cancellations and recommended booking time updates on my Facebook page. 

What if my child gets sick?

If someone in the household has a D&V bug within the last 48 hours it is extremely important that you contact me to reschedule. Due to the fact that I work with newborn babies it's essential that they are not exposed to viruses.

What should I bring with me?

This is different for different types of photo shoots. Each page on the website will explain exactly what you need to bring for that specific shoot. 

Where will my shoot take place?

Unless we have discussed otherwise, your photoshoot will take place in the Summer house studio which is located on Beverley Terrace, Cullercoats. For more travel information look on our "Find us" page or to browse our studio before you arrive click on the "Studio" tab located on the main menu. 

Can you edit out newborn rashes etc.?

Yes, I can edit out milk rashes, newborn rashes, spots or marks on your baby. Please let me know if you would like these not to be edited out.

How long after the shoot will I see my images?

I will advise you at the photo shoot on how long your photographs will take. During busy periods your wait may be 1-2 weeks. Please bare this in mind. 

Why do you charge a session fee?

A session fee is a creative fee which covers my time and talent to create images that you will treasure forever. It also covers full use of luxury studio props and my time professionally retouching your images for viewing.

Can you do it any cheaper?

Unless I am holding a promotional event, I will not do your photoshoot cheaper. The prices are set in accordance to the studio use, my time (photographing and editing), the props you use and the upkeep of the studio. Please don't ask me to do a photo shoot cheaper for you.