Sitters / Toddlers

A Sitter photo shoot is a baby which does not fall into the Newborn photo shoot age range. This means the baby is older than 6 weeks but younger than 24 months. However, this being said if you book your baby is 7 weeks old and you feel the newborn photo shoot is more appropriate, I am happy to still use the posing bean bag during the shoot.  The age guidelines are recommended based on the length of the session and how fetal the baby still is. 
A sitter session does not mean your baby has to be sitting up, this is a common question I get asked. I have a range of props and blankets to help baby sit up for photographs as well as propping up babies head and body with posing pillows if need be. . 
During the shoot, we will have lots of fun! I have toys, props, different backdrop ideas, music and bubbles! All of which help to keep little one entertained and capture those beautiful smiles. We can work around baby and what you would like from the photo shoot. I am open to ideas and suggestions, normally we will discuss pre shoot what sort of thing you are looking for so I can make sure I am prepared and ready for you arriving. 
Any questions or enquries contact me here or if you are wondering what facilities are available in the studio click here
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