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A Summer house Studio

Right by the coast!

Welcome to the studio! 
Where the magic happens. 
All of my photo shoots normally take place in the studio. This is  where we capture those first windy smiles! belly laughs! and tiny toes! 

We are based on the coast of Cullercoats on Beverley Terrace. It is almost a stones throw away from the beach. We get the fresh sea air out the back of our studio in the private garden. Perfect for summer day shoots outdoors! 

The studio is a calm, warm and relaxing place to bring your baby. I aim to make it as comfortable as possible! 
I have central heating to keep the studio warm for babies as well as a heater close by for newborn photo shoots. Comfortable chairs for you to sit in and an extra one of course if you bring your partner, mum, auntie! They are welcome to a warm cup of tea or coffee whilst the shoot takes place, I have a kettle facility and well stocked jars!  

Home from home

We have a toilet facility in the summer house so you can use the toilet as you wish throughout the photo shoot! Baby also has a changing mat/table so they can comfortably be changed at anytime. I do try to keep spare nappies/vest just in case you forget but its best for you to bring spares with you, just in case, i cant guarantee this!  

As for feeding your little one, I welcome you to feed where ever you find comfortable. Breasting feeding and bottle feeding is welcome and no judgment or breech of privacy will ever be taken. I want all mums to feel home from home and do as they would stress free. I can warm up bottles at the studio too if need be! 

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